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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why Must Me?

Inspirational Side of My Selangor Story 2011 - Day 1

Why Must Me?

Honestly, first time when I came to Selangor, I'm asking myself. "It is real or I just have a good dream?" ask me in my heart. I can't believe that "you're the chosen one", Daniel. Like a dream, I go to airport with my parents and they leave me alone to go to Malaysia. As a young blogger with low experience and quality behind Tian Chad, Niger, Pamela, and Feeq, I really suprised that I've got the ticket to Selangor. In the plane, I asked "Why must me?".

There 200.000.000 people in Indonesia and only me and 13 friends from Indonesia are chosen to join in this competition. There’s a lot Indonesian blogger, whose have a good skill in writing, photo, and video better than me. “Why not them?” I’m asking to God. After I remind and flash back my life, I knew that this is your chance to do something bigger that you never expacted in your life. This is time to encourage your skill in blogging.

I knew that many consequens when I go to join My Selangor Story 2011. First of all, I can’t prepare anything for my exam in 3 October 2011. Secondly, I lose many activities that I usually do in that time. Last, I’m fear and scare to go alone without anyone. But I choose to go to Malaysia after I declared be Top 30 My Selangor Story. I believe in life there’s only one chance. If you lose it, you will never get it again in the future.

I learnt from the past that I must use my time wisely because time will never came back. Maybe yesterday you saw someone that you love. But we never expected that maybe tomorrow will be the last day we saw him/her. I don’t want use my time useless because I see future is now. Today is our act to decided which future you will be. Good future or bad future? Yes, My Selangor Story is a big lesson for me to do bigger task and responsibility.

You know when I knew that I’m the youngest contestan from My Selangor Story, I’m only thankful to God. Thanks God that in my young age, You have give me a big chance to learn something about blogging and life. I met many professional blogger here, just like Tian Chad (runner up My Selangor Story 2011), Feeq and Niger (professional blogger), and Pamela (professional underwater photograph). First time, I feel I will fail in this competition. Is not fair to compare young blogger with professional blogger, right? Is just like compare elephant and ant.

Back to question, “why must me?”, I realize that everyone has a same change to win. Yeah, every people has different talent and they can show it anytime to prove world that they can. I’m here because God wants me to be here. I’m here because God believe that I can face the competition as a warrior. I tell my heart that I will do my best in this competition. I don’t care how great and spectacular my competitor’s blog. I will only focus to my blog. I will give my best performance and the result I pray to God.

My Selangor Story tell me a lot things about life. We must struggle to life in every side of life. As a little blogger, I must realize that maybe my chance to win is very low. But I’m sure if I do the best, God will help me to win.

So, when I ask “why must me?”, I will answer “Because I have winner quality in my heart. That’s why I’m here.”

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  1. Good post, i enjoyed every single words u've write.
    But, i just want to straighten several things, Tian Chad is runner up of MSS2010, and there's no participant named Niger, i only know Nigel,,, hehehe...

  2. Yeah man!!! I love this kind of spirit!

  3. Winner quality. That's I like from you!

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